We are all made of radiant stars.
Shifting, connecting, imploding, and exploding.
A strange and charming series of events guiding two paths into one orbit. An instant attraction growing stronger and tighter as fragments intertwine and unify.
This is the journey of Moni and Oliver.

Listen, Feel

Experiences come and go filling each universe with unwarranted debris. Propelled by pure and intangible emotions — they collide.
ACT I — 2010/2011
A free-form swell of chaotic sentiments strung along by an extraordinary machine. It is the mystique, character, humor, and ambition within them that sets the tone of the first act in their relationship.

Shadows Yield to the Light

Darkness and chaos gradually dissipate as rays envelope their past and present. A constant push and pull of energy to sustain what is now an irreversible bond.
Each having what the other lacks, supporting one another to progress and overflow. This becomes their new daily devotion.
ACT II — 2011/2012
ACT III — 2013/2014

The Color & Shape of Time

New kaleidoscopic depths fill the air. The abstract haze comes into view and burrows a gradual impression on their new world.
Little things become monuments and experiences become treasures. Recurring seasons are even more memorable.
ACT IV — 2015/*

A Mark Everlasting

As their journey eases into a peaceful calm, it is but a stepping stone to a new age. Open to advancing and changing together, seeking to solidify their union. A rapidly growing happiness to eternity.
This is how Moni and Oliver's stars aligned and will continue on as husband and wife.

Our Stars

Moni and Oliver adopted a series of stars near Sagittarius as their own. These stars, with a magnitude near 4, are visible in a clear October sky on their hikes away from light pollution. The stars stretch like fingers around the Messier 55 galaxy, an inspiration that the stars can be in the palm of your hand if you have the courage to reach out and grasp them.

By the end of the wedding reception they will be guiding them overhead.


These flowers are iconic in their shape and one of the most recognizable in the world. Tulips have held human fascination since the 10th century and grew into a representation of love as it travelled across cultures. These flowers surround the invitation as a symbol of the love Moni and Oliver put into each other and passion for the work they do together.

Star Gazing

Moni and Oliver spend a lot of time staring at the sky. Whether it's out on a hike or on a star map in their laps, the stars and planets have always been frequent figures in their conversations. Comparing the growth of their love and relationship to the birth of a galaxy has served as a way of understanding and celebrating the myriad of emotions that come from such a resplendent event.

It is intense. It is patient. It is unrelenting. It is beautiful.

Old World

Built in 1913, the stunning architecture of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church led Moni and Oliver to research and designs and aesthetics from the early 1900's. Coming to find that during this era Europe and North American craftsmanship favored intricacy as the middle class in both hemispheres began to establish itself. Common items gained value with their decorative properties not just their utility.

Overall this inspired Moni and Oliver to take these decorative elements found throughout the art, architecture and signage of this time period and incorporate them into their wedding theme. The details of this invitation, color scheme, floral arrangements, glassware and even food reflect the 1900's environment the ceremony and reception will be held in.